At Fantan our design process connects people and ideas. We are first responders in a marketplace that demands innovation on a daily basis. This calls for collaborative thinking, rapid iteration and fluid organizational design. In challenging traditional systems and applying unconventional tools, we provoke original thinking.

We Design to Create

We co-design with startups, businesses, government, NGOS and educators across the entertainment, sport, media and technology sectors. For every puzzle we’re hired to solve, for every project we are tasked to deliver, we design and manage systems geared toward generating value. For our clients. For their customers. For everyone involved.
We believe that design and creation are inextricably linked. Once a puzzle is solved, we work to execute the plan. With fresh eyes we use our social engagement systems to deliver on the needs of our client. Whether providing a collaborative environment for 50 global leaders, or facilitating a three day DesignSHOP for 250 participants, we hand-build every project.